Tuesday, December 16


We didn't wait until the sunrise. We left that god-forsaken hostel in the middle of nowhere and we run to take the first of all the buses and trams we had to take to get the meeting point. In fact, our sleepy mood and behave didn't let us have a right perception of the Polish public transport system. Thus, we ended thinking it was just an old bus and an old tram and that was it. And it wasn't.

People looked tired. Tired of living, of life, of that heavy sky of clouds and rains. Tired of the cold, and misery, and poverty and all those feelings I believe I don't feel.

I'd been told they're nice people, and they are. They are nice people. I do think so, though I also think they are unhappy. All that atmosphere in which they were involved was grey, all was grey and uncoloured and, why not, death.

Death could be heard and smelt. Death was everywhere. Yet, you could also feel the satisfaction of those who were alive, those who had survived and still were.

Anyway, we were there to think of future, weren't us?

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Anonymous said...

Pero en ocasiones es difícil sentirse vivo... y doloroso, aunque uno no debe regocijarse en estos sentimientos.

Un fuerte abrazo desde el Otro Lado.