Sunday, January 11

The bad guy.

I suppose he had an unhappy childhood. That's easy to say now we all know what he's done. However, I did think he was a sad person the first time I met. He had an old-fashioned way of wearing and he used to shout and talk as if we had to pay attention to him all the time. I must admit I got on well, we became friends rapidly and we met every fucking sunday evening of that November. Then he met Suzzie and it was the first time I thought he was happy. His eyes gleamed and all was easy, it was Christmas and they were glad.

We didn't met for a long time after Christmas because I was working in a new project and was very busy and I couldn't stand Suzzie, who was really stuffy and a fucking disaster as a person. It was May the 3rd the last time I saw him. He had broken up with Suzzie and was sad again.

That June I ended that project I was developping and I left the island and I didn't see him anymore. Three years later I found out he had killed her and he had been imprisoned.

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Anonymous said...

¿Historia de una psicopatía?
¿El asesino que hay dentro de mí?

Interesante como siempre.

Un fuerte abrazo desde el Otro Lado